Monday, December 23, 2013

A Simple OOTD

Today's look consists of a simple outfit which I wore when I went to the mall to look around for gifts for Christmas and went to the grocery. Haven't used the polo in a long time since it's actually men's polo which I just bought in a thrift store, but it's branded "Folded & Hung" though.

Simplicity is the key which I wanted in this look which I went for by wearing a plain white tee which I bought from a store in Trinoma. I forgot the name of the store but the seller said that the top was from a brand in the US called "HF". It's casual and comfortable, without having that much accessories on since I went out for errands. White leather sneakers from Keds which is comfortable when I have to walk fast or even run. Haha!

This cute bag is from an online store @mumibag which you can find on Instagram. They have stores in Greenhills, San Juan as well. They have a lot of cute and affordable bags, the seller is really nice too! This is called the Lucy Scallop bag in Tan, they have one in nude as well. 

Sneakers: Keds
V-neck top: HF
Bag: @mumibag (Instagram)
Maong Shorts: Landmark, Trinoma
Long-sleeved polo: Thrifted (Folded & Hung)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Taken last April during my cousin's wedding. I've only uploaded these photos now since I didn't have that much time on my hands until now. I didn't even have the time to edit the photos so all were taken from natural lights in the location.

This photo was taken outside. The bride and groom had a garden wedding and this was the made-up entrance to the ceremony. It was already night time, after the ceremony when this was taken.


Hair was beautifully done at Metro Salon, V. Luna corner Kalayaan Avenue, Quezon City. I love how the stylist worked hard to style my hair and make these intricate details on it, and it looked well with the theme of my dress.

These really adorable accessories were actually my grandmother's. It was perfect for the dress I was wearing because it had that Greek feel to it. I love the matching earrings and ring, and how both have an engraved figure of a woman.

This beautiful dress is actually only from an online shop here in the Philippines. I was having trouble looking for the perfect dress to wear for the occasion since I don't normally own and wear dresses. I don't even have that much formal dresses until now, when I decided to buy dresses just in case there was another occasion which I have to go to.

These peep-toe heels were actually bought for the occasion. My boyfriend got them for me. I chose to wear nude heels to compliment the dress. I didn't want to wear colored heels so it wouldn't attract too much attention and the focus will still remain on the details of the dress. I don't think black or white heels will look good with this dress as well.

Accessories || Borrowed from my Grandmother
Hair || Styled at Metro Salon (
Dress || Three Wishes Shop (
Peep-toe heels || Sugarfree Philippines (

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ribbons and Polka dots.

So I haven't been able to blog for awhile now since I've been busy with school. But let me start of my blog post with a big hello to September! Busier days are coming my way. This outfit post was taken back in August when I was gonna go out to meet my boyfriend to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Just wanted to feel a little more girly than usual ;) So I hope you're ready for a bunch of my awkward poses ;)

First time I used this top since I bought it a few months ago. I don't really go out that much anymore and didn't find an occasion where I could wear it until this day. It's a plain white braided boho top from Apartment 8 Clothing. It's a flowy top which is very comfortable because of it's stretch material. The only problem I had with this top was that it was still a little loose for me so the front tends to drop when I move too much and that's their smallest size already.

For a girlier look I paired this top with my navy blue skirt with white polka dots from Forever 21. I love this skirt because it's also flowy, loose and it's very comfortable because I can easily move around in it. Paired the outfit with my white sandals with cute bow details from Hal Footwear to top off the feminine look. Since I find it hard to decide which shoes to wear, I always try to match it with the color of the top I'm wearing. I wore flats since I knew we were gonna be doing a lot of walking and I find it uncomfortable wearing heels when I'm wearing a short skirt. ;)

These cute bracelets are from Arm Party Manila. The one's on the right are actually a set of white, black and gold bracelets but I only wore those 2 so I wouldn't have too much color on me if I chose to wear the gold ones. The black bracelet are actually skulls but can't be seen clearly in the photo. The bracelet on the left is a large cross with crystals. I love how it gives off a shimmering/sparkling effect when you wear it. They sell a lot of affordable accessories so come check them out!

My nude bag is from Mango, it's the first nude-colored bag which I bought ever in my life. I bought it without hesitation thinking that I need something which is neutral colored in my wardrobe for once. The size is just right for my wallet, comb, a bit of make-up, just the basic necessities of a girly girl, and it doesn't look bulky at all even though I have a big wallet. Finally, in case of a cold night, I brought this black cardigan from Mango as well. A little color doesn't hurt from time to time, but I love putting all neutral colors together without going overboard of my color scheme. Plus, I had pink nails! Which puts a little color in my whole look. ;)

Cardigan: Mango
Nude bag: Mango
Navy skirt with polka dots: Forever 21
Braided boho top: Apartment 8 Clothing 
White-ribbon sandals: Hal Footwear (Instagram: halfootwear)
Cross bracelet and black & white bracelets: Arm Party Manila (Instagram: armpartymanila)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bloglovin Part 2!

Hey readers! I haven't updated my blog yet since I've been changing a lot of things like my URL, blog name and email address. As I've said before in my previous post I will be updating my blog soon but first I said to change the things mentioned above to avoid confusion and issues with another blog which has a similar name. With that, I changed my bloglovin account as well so if you can, please follow me again via bloglovin. Would really appreciate that. :) Just click on the bloglovin icon on the right side of my page and let me know if you followed me so I can follow back. :)


Friday, July 26, 2013

Bloglovin ❤

It's been awhile since I've posted on my blog! I hope I can get back to blogging weekly again soon. Been busy with college at the moment since it's hopefully my last year and I'm already starting with my thesis! I have a few outfit posts up my sleeve but I'm just waiting for that right moment to make a post about it. :) Meanwhile... I've just updated my blog to a simpler layout and I removed the picture on my header. Since a lot of my fellow bloggers have an account in Bloglovin and most of the people who wanted to follow me and follow them back only have an account in Bloglovin, I've decided to sign up for it. Hope you can follow me and drop me a message here on my blog so I can follow you back. :) Also, I hope you can all stay tuned in to my blog for future posts. :)


Monday, April 1, 2013


I've become a fan of denim tops just recently and although I bought this top last year, I was only able to wear this top last January when I went out for lunch with my uncle and my cousin. I love how it looks faded and the cute ribbon detail on the bottom.

I decided to wear it with my washed out jeans and white Keds so it will bring out a casual look. It's a good outfit to wear for summer or spring and it's really comfortable.

Pants: Penshoppe
White canvas sneakers: Keds

Oh yeah, I forgot to put some accessories on but you really don't have to put much on so the details of the top will be the highlight of the outfit. I'm imagining wearing a simple necklace or a simple brown leather cuff will do. ;)


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Feeling Pretty In Pink.

Just a little something I wore when I had lunch out with my family. I don't really wear heels/wedges that much  when I go out because I usually ride a cab when I go to place, but I took this chance to wear wedges since they're bringing a car and it won't feel much of a hassle going to and fro. :)

The "very awkward pose" pose. Haha. I look like I'm feeling smug. But just had to post it because it's funny. :)

Nude cardigan: Forever 21
Pink sleeveless top (used as inner top): Forever 21
Sheer pink top: Bazaar
Gray pants: Penshoppe
Black wedges: Pill

One of the two funny shots for me. I don't really know what I was doing here. Coz I don't really know how to pose when my picture's being taken solo and I just try to copy what I see people doing on their shots. I tried this one out and it actually turned hilarious for me but I just had to post it. :D It kinda struck to me somehow that there's something about this picture though. XD

Hope you enjoyed this post and lemme know what you think.
And if you have an account on Chictopia please vote for my look.
Thanks! :)


Sunday, March 3, 2013

America's Suiteheart

My first outfit post since I've returned to blogging. Teehee! ;) If you're wondering about the title of this look, it's a song from a band called Fall Out Boy.

Here's a little something which I wore for Valentine's Day. I've been meaning to wear this corset top for a while since I don't have any high waist skirt and I don't want my tummy to be showing. :p I didn't want to wear any accessories because there's already print on my top and skirt. Although it might be nice to have a short, simple necklace and maybe I should have fixed my hair up in a bun or something. :)

Corset top (cropped): Vanilla Breeze Clothing
Floral skirt: Just G
Gray cardigan: Tomato
Suede wedges: Forever 21

P.S. You can see the new color of my hair here clearly :)


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Here Comes NOT The Bride.

Last December, my family and I went to Tagatay to attend my cousin's wedding. Although the Philippines is a tropical country, it was really cold in Tagatay during that time so I took the opportunity to use my shawl as a scarf, Korean-style. ;)

Striped cardigan: Forever 21
Ivory shawl: Forever 21
White sneakers: Keds
Top: Bench
Pants: Penshoppe

There's this one spot in the garden where the lighting was amazing and some of the shots looked like it was morning that time even though it was night time. Here are some shots taken by my aunt although it was my uncle who gestured what to do and used another camera for wonderful shots. Each of us in the family had our pictures taken although I'm only posting mine for privacy reasons from my family. :)

I'll be sharing some photos of my family on the day of the wedding though because they're all right with it. :)

My cousin (the groom) and his family.

 The bride and the groom. I really love the bride's gown. :)

This is my family from my mother's side.

 Feeling like the bride while holding a bouquet. ;)

The bride and the groom again. Just love the lace details on the bride's gown :)

With my cousins and my niece. 

Here's what I wore during the wedding. The theme was pastel and this was just something I found on short notice. A pastel pink dress from Cinderella (the top is lace) and the shoes are my favorite pair from Comfit. I don't really have a nice solo shot so here are ones I can only upload. :)

Last is a picture with the bride, who if you'll notice actually changed her gown during the reception. I love this picture because of how the shawl looked like as I used it as a "jacket". Remember I told you it was really cold there? Well, the shawl wasn't enough coz I was freezing cold that night.

Note to self: Next time wear a longer dress or something which can be matched with a blazer or anything you can cover up. :p


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