Friday, September 13, 2013

Ribbons and Polka dots.

So I haven't been able to blog for awhile now since I've been busy with school. But let me start of my blog post with a big hello to September! Busier days are coming my way. This outfit post was taken back in August when I was gonna go out to meet my boyfriend to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Just wanted to feel a little more girly than usual ;) So I hope you're ready for a bunch of my awkward poses ;)

First time I used this top since I bought it a few months ago. I don't really go out that much anymore and didn't find an occasion where I could wear it until this day. It's a plain white braided boho top from Apartment 8 Clothing. It's a flowy top which is very comfortable because of it's stretch material. The only problem I had with this top was that it was still a little loose for me so the front tends to drop when I move too much and that's their smallest size already.

For a girlier look I paired this top with my navy blue skirt with white polka dots from Forever 21. I love this skirt because it's also flowy, loose and it's very comfortable because I can easily move around in it. Paired the outfit with my white sandals with cute bow details from Hal Footwear to top off the feminine look. Since I find it hard to decide which shoes to wear, I always try to match it with the color of the top I'm wearing. I wore flats since I knew we were gonna be doing a lot of walking and I find it uncomfortable wearing heels when I'm wearing a short skirt. ;)

These cute bracelets are from Arm Party Manila. The one's on the right are actually a set of white, black and gold bracelets but I only wore those 2 so I wouldn't have too much color on me if I chose to wear the gold ones. The black bracelet are actually skulls but can't be seen clearly in the photo. The bracelet on the left is a large cross with crystals. I love how it gives off a shimmering/sparkling effect when you wear it. They sell a lot of affordable accessories so come check them out!

My nude bag is from Mango, it's the first nude-colored bag which I bought ever in my life. I bought it without hesitation thinking that I need something which is neutral colored in my wardrobe for once. The size is just right for my wallet, comb, a bit of make-up, just the basic necessities of a girly girl, and it doesn't look bulky at all even though I have a big wallet. Finally, in case of a cold night, I brought this black cardigan from Mango as well. A little color doesn't hurt from time to time, but I love putting all neutral colors together without going overboard of my color scheme. Plus, I had pink nails! Which puts a little color in my whole look. ;)

Cardigan: Mango
Nude bag: Mango
Navy skirt with polka dots: Forever 21
Braided boho top: Apartment 8 Clothing 
White-ribbon sandals: Hal Footwear (Instagram: halfootwear)
Cross bracelet and black & white bracelets: Arm Party Manila (Instagram: armpartymanila)

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