Thursday, September 27, 2012

So Here's Something Funny... :)

I'm not even someone famous here in my country and I already have a hater. Teehee. ;) I just told this person that I don't care what he/she thinks because it's my personal style and he/she is just one person who doesn't like it. I don't even know why people act this way, they're just probably bored with their own lives :) Hope he/she will find the courage to introduce herself/himself though rather than hide through the name "Anonymous". Keep talking like that honey and you just might make me famous ;)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Featured Blogger: Amelia Jin

Hey there lovely readers! I know that Saturday is featured blogger's day, but I was busy the whole weekend and I was only able to go online now. So I hope you don't mind me posting this late since I promised a fellow blogger that I'd feature her, and I don't go back on my word :) 

Today's featured blogger is Amelia from Can You Pass The Glitter. She's a fantastic girl with great style! i love how her looks range from casual/outgoing to simply elegant/sophisticated. No matter what she wears, you can still see that feminine touch and I love how she mixes prints and colors :) 

Amelia's Personal Style

Get To Know More About The Blogger

About Myself: I'm Amelia Jin and currently a 15-year-old unicorn-believer trying to survive high school. I love anything Pop, Eletro, or Dubstep and my dream career is to major in fashion or interior designing. I live in Los Angeles, with nice weather all year round. My closet right now is crammed and filled with clothes and some junk. One of my life's goal is to meet someone new everyday. I love being random and spontaneous because that always makes someone else's day.

Hobbies and Interests: Besides shopping for clothes, I'm interested in a lot of different and weird things! I love to cook pastries and desserts especially cupcakes. I also love to dance and act in musical plays.  I'm also an otaku, someone who's obsessed with manga and anime! I collect quarters and paper bags. For some reason, brown crispy paper bags are really appealing to me.

Reason for blogging: Ever since I was little, I have always been interested in fashion. Starting from elementary school, I would draw a whole bunch of fashion designs in hopes of becoming a fashion designer! Well, last year I finally had a revelation to start my own fashion blog, canyoupasstheglitter. When I first started the blog, it was mainly for me. However, now I really do want the world to see my style . I think that's one of the greatest qualities about fashion; it's that everyone's style is different and that's what defines them.

Behind the scenes: Well, "canyoupasstheglitter" originated from my fetish for glitter!!! I really do love all things sparkly! Besides being addicted to glitter, I just adore tea parties. So whenever you're at a tea party, you would usually say ,"Can you pass the ..." to get like a piece of cake or tea. Now, instead of asking for food, I'm asking for glitter. "Canyoupasstheglitter" is basically my fashion blog where I post outfits. I'm still considering about converting it into a life blog; however, my life isn't all that interesting!

Personal Style: I don't actually have a central style, mainly dressing depending on my mood. I tend to have some over-the-top outfits, while on some days I'm totally out of it and just wear a tee with some shorts. Most of the times, I build my outfits around a character. For example, I would always pretend I'm either a cutesy or ditzy girl whenever I wear frilly dresses.

Hope you'll check out her blog guys! I'm sure you'll be thrilled with her personal style too :)

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Funny Weather We're Having.

Just wanted to share some old photos of mine back when I just colored my hair after 4 years since I last had it colored. :) I don't know why I thought of wearing shorts with knee-high boots but I felt like it. I don't normally dress up like this since I always commute when I got out. So when I'm wearing shorts I just pair it with sneakers or I just wear pants. I got to wear this since my aunt was going to pick me up at home and she has a car so we'll go to Eastwood (mall) in it.

It was almost night time so it was going to be a bit chilly that's why I had the nerve to wear long sleeves. But I still wanted to look a bit casual and comfy by wearing shorts.

The black long sleeved top was given to me by one of my aunts. It's really pretty and it's actually thrifted. I think it's one of those overruns though because there was a cut tag inside the shirt. The denim shorts and the neon necklace is from Forever 21 and I love that necklace because it looks geeky yet stylish. Lastly, the black boots are from a store called Babo and it's really comfortable to use.

There was free wireless internet in the salon so I took some vain shots while waiting. ;) And finally, the finished product. From black hair to copper blonde. :) Hoping to grow my hair longer and have it permed for that girly look. ;) (Edited with Diptic app)


image from Google

P.S. I've removed the word verification for comments since I felt that it was such a hassle. :) And oh... I've finally reached 200 followers! I'm so happy :) Thanks a lot to you guys who read and follow my blog. I'm so grateful to you <3

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Plain Jane.

This is what I wore on a school day a few months ago. I don't really dress up like this but I just tried it since it's something new. The denim pants is from Lee and the size is bigger than my normal size in pants. Since it wasn't used for a very long time, I wanted to try pairing it with some of the new clothes/accessories I got. I folded the pants to make it look like capri pants. The striped top was bought in Zara and was given to me as a gift. Paired it with black flats so I can walk comfortably and tied my hair in a bun and secured my bangs with hairpins to have the "good girl" effect. ;) Sorry for the blurred/pixilated photos, this was taken with only a cellphone.

This watch was given to me by my mom. I got it because I teased her about buying my siblings some "back-to-school" stuff and I said that even though I'm already in college, I wanted one too. Haha. It's one of Swatch's limited edition watches. I think it was called their "Valentine Collection". I really like the color of this watch and how I can pair it easily with my clothes even though it's read. I love the design and the details of the watch as well.

This burnt orange Uttara Sling Satchel was one of my best finds. I saw it on Tomato's online store but it wasn't available there anymore. So I went to the mall and looked at their branches and found a stall which still has this bag. It's really worth buying because of how much I was able to use this bag. It's stylish and I can put a lot of things without the bag feeling heavy. Plus it has a lot of pockets inside so I can organize my things easily.

(P.S. This photo was taken from Tomato's online store since I don't have a decent picture of the bag)

Striped top: Zara
Denim pants: Lee
Watch: Swatch
Bag: Tomato
Flats: Shoe Gallery

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Featured Blogger: Lara Takahashi

Another lovely Saturday my fellow bloggers. For those who have been reading my blog for the past few weeks, we all know what Saturday means... Tada! A new featured blogger! This week I'll be featuring the rockteraptor blogger Lara Takahashi. Some of my readers may already know her, but for those who haven't seen her blog yet, you should go check it out because you're missing a lot! 

What I like about her is that she's a very fun person and she posts a lot of great stuff like her modeling career back in the days and cool things she finds from random places. She has a unique personal style which is both feminine and a touch of rock for me. 

As I've said earlier, Lara is a model. Pretty amazing right? I was really surprised too and was very happy for her when I found out about it in one of her posts. Here are some photos of her during her shoots from before...
From A Model Photo Shoot

From A Gothic Market

The Following Are Lara's Personal Style On A Daily Basis

"I can mainly dress casually, only very few events for work require formal clothing."

Get To Know More About The Blogger

Hobbies and Interests: I'm an active in a political organization, the Greens. It's a proper government party in Finland, not a bunch of chaos anarchists as people might think somewhere. I think people deserve equal human rights and animals need their rights too. I doodle and craft for my own entertainment but I'm not a pro ;)

Reason for blogging: I became a blogger after I moved from Finland to Japan. I stared to write a blog in order to tell my news to the peeps in Finland. At that time, I wrote in Finnish language. Later on, we moved back to Finland, and as I could easily keep in touch with my Finnish buds, my blog turned into rants and political propaganda x). I decided to start a new one in English, so everyone can read it, in Finland, Japan and any other country. I also made the topic more light, as I wanted it to be entertaining for myself. Anyway, it's a way to spend my *free* time and concentrate on non-serious topics. :)

Personal Style: My personal style is pretty much about vintage, thrifted stuff and being quirky. I don't take style & clothes seriously at all. My style thrill is taking old rags and trying to make them into funky combos. Sometimes I customize. If I only wear branded stuff straight out from the boutiques, I would get bored very easily. The other big point about vintage, customizing and recycling is that it's Eco-friendly.

So what else is great about this blogger besides the fact that she has great & fun personal style and an awesome personality? 


Funny message from the blogger: "Then I have my handsome iguana, DJ, who I bet is the main attraction of my blog."

So that's it for this week's featured blog! Don't forget to check out her blog dears, I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do :)

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Pastel Dreams.

Ever since satchels became trendy again, I've always wanted to buy one. I find satchels cute especially the light colored ones (this coming from a girl who used to wear/use anything but black). When I joined Chictopia, I was inspired to start wearing colorful clothes or light colored ones. What really inspired me were people who were pastel colored clothes. To me, they look feminine, romantic and pretty because of the light colored tones which they put together. 

I found it hard to find shops which sell satchels because the online stores which I know have run out of stock already and the ones which were left are just dark colored satchels. I finally found a store which had pastel colored satchels and where you can choose the size of the satchel which you want. The online store is called Studio Boheme. They have a vast collection of satchels and you can even have yours customized from the color you want, the size, the designs, and even small details like bows on the straps, etc.

How I Used My Satchel For The First Time

I wore this when I went to school and went out for lunch afterwards with my boyfriend. I was wearing a sleeveless top that time and since it's going to be cold in the mall, I thought of wearing a jacket over it. didn't know what color I’d wear because the only cardigans I had were yellow, gray and black. Then I found this old brown cardigan which used to belong to my mom and it fits me perfectly. I decided to tuck in my top because it was longer than my cardigan and wore a matching brown belt. I just love the color combination of pink and brown. Wore the bangles which I bought from Forever 21 as well for the first time since I bought it.

What I'm Wearing
Top: Thrifted
Brown Cardigan: Mom's
Light Blue Skinny Jeans: Topshop
Brown Belt: Given to me as a gift
Satchel: Studio Boheme
Pink Bangles: Forever 21

The Package I Received From Studio Boheme

Pastel Yellow & Pastel Pink Satchels

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Got Bitten by the Blog Bug

So I was happy when I got online and read a wonderful message from my fellow blogger  ღღČяїstinEεїз. When I went to her page I was surprised to see that she nominated me for the Blog Bug Award! She's such a great blogger and I love her website so you should go check her out! She's really kind and always drops by your blog to check out if you've posted something new ;)

Here are the rules once you are awarded/tagged: 
  • If you are given the Blog Bug award, You must answer the questions that follow and the title of the post should be "I Got Bitten by the Blog Bug"
  • You must give the link of where you originally got this award, and you can tag as many bloggers as you want. Link their pages on the post and also inform them through comments in their blog. :)
  • Optional: You must post a banner corresponding to the site that you are using to blog in your sidebar and it should link back to your post about the Blog Bug Award.


1)When and Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging 2 months ago and I thought of making a blog since I joined the social networking site, Chictopia. When I was browsing through the forums, there were a lot of bloggers who are sharing links of their blogs so I checked it out. I saw how wonderful their blogs are and that when they have fashion posts, you can tell more about the details and the like in your blog.

2)What do you love to blog about and why do you like it?

At first, my blog started out as a "fashion blog" but a few weeks later, I decided that I wanted my blog to show a lot more than fashion. I decided that I would make it my online journal and post other things like events/occasions, food, and other things that I love besides fashion so people can get to know more behind the blogger.

3)How did you get your blog name?

It's really hard for me to come up with a username ever since I joined social networking websites like Multiply, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. But I was easily able to come up with my blog name since it's the first time that I tried to blog openly. I have a personal blog which is like my diary and I don't really share it. So because it's my first time to blog publicly, I decided the name "Jasmin Tries To Blog".

4)What do you think is your best post yet?

I think my best post is "My Featured Blogger" post. Of course it's not only just one post and will have more to come in the future but I like these posts because it shows how I care about other bloggers as well and how I like to help share and spread other blogs too.

5)What is your inspiration for blogging at present?

My inspiration is my fellow bloggers. When I see their lovely posts, it makes me come up with ideas on what else I should put on my blog. Because I like what they are posting, maybe my readers would love my posts too when I post something else than what I usually do.

6)Message for your readers:

Dear fellow bloggers, I would just like to thank you for checking my blog every now and then. Thanks a lot for your sweet comments and for the awards that I've been nominated in. I never expected that I'd get this much readers and that I was able to grow in the blogging community because of you guys. :)

Bloggers I would like to award: 

1.) Chris Ed
3.) Shari
4.) Kassica
5.) Phioxee
6.) Katies
7.) Oanh Le
8.) Lydia

It would really be great if you'd check out their awesome blogs as well. <3

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Featured Blogger: Tara

Hey lovelies! It's been a busy week so I wasn't able to update my blog until now. It's another Saturday for the month of September and I'm going to feature another lovely blogger. 

Today's featured blogger is Tara from Fashion-Burger. We got to know each other first from another social networking website about fashion, Chictopia. So if you have an account there, you could also check her out. She has a personal style blog, which includes food, fashion and inspiration. What I like about her style is that it's romantic and feminine. Her outfits are what you can call "versatile" because you can wear it on almost any occasion, from shopping, to a date or even a rock concert. She has such pretty outfits and what's great about her is that she makes some of her own clothes.
Tara's Personal Style

Look #1 This is just a comfortable, everyday look. High waisted skirts are my obsession, this is one I made from a light chiffon fabric.
Glasses - Asos
Blazer - thrifted
Shirt -H&M
Skirt - handmade
Boots - Andrea Biani 

Look #2 This is the style most of my dresses are. I love dresses that emulate a 1950s silhouette, with the high neck, fitted waist and full skirt. It's very retro and girly, and you can tell I'm also a pink fan! ;-)
Blazer - H&M
Dress - Asos
Boots - Andrea Biani

Look #3 I want to take nicer photos for my blog so this is my most recent outfit post, when we had our first warm day since winter! I guess I like things that have a retro look, so again I am wearing something with a high neck!
Hat & glasses - Asos
Shirt - Kmart
Shorts - H&M
Socks - bought in Japan
Heels - Wild Pair

Get To Know More About The Blogger

Hobbies and Interests: I make a lot of my own skirts and dresses, it's nice having something unique and helps to create my own style. I get inspired looking at all of the new fabrics, and working with people who are passionate about fashion. I love creating things. I am always making something, either with art, photography, or sewing. I love baking... because I love to eat baked goods.

Occupation:  I'm a student and I also work part-time in a fabric store, which is great because I love sewing!

Reasons for blogging: I started secretly blogging last year when I made the decision to change my personal style. I had been dressing like a boy (even wearing my boyfriend's clothes!) for a long time, and I wanted to start dressing more feminine. I thought I couldn't dress "pretty" because I had a boyish figure, and I wanted to change that. I decided I would take a photo of my daily outfits so I could look at what I was wearing, and change it. I was wearing jeans everyday, and always black! Now I love wearing skirts, and mixing colours. I feel like blogging has made me slowly improve my style. Last month I finally decided to make my blog public, and shared it with a few friends. It makes me really happy hearing positive feedback from people, after hiding under those clothes for so long! I like my clothes to say something about myself, and also choose clothes that suit my body shape.

More about her personal style: I usually go for a cute and retro feel.

Don't forget to check her blog out! :)

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Something's Brewing At Chinese Apparel...

In a previous post I've made a few weeks back, I mentioned that I'm collaborating with Chinese Apparel, an online shop which sells clothes and accessories. If you like what they sell, you'll even enjoy what they have in store for you now! They're going to have a promo on their shop which will start on Wednesday, September 5, until Saturday, September 15.

So what's in store for you? 

Just spend $50 on any of their items and get an amazing gift for free!

Sound amazing right? But what's better is that you can get to choose what gift you want from their gift selections.
Here are some of the gift choices, but there are more in their website.

Different colored watches.


Q. How should i contact with you about my present?
A. We will contact with you once new order is placed or you can contact with us via e-mail:

For more details about this awesome promo, please make sure to check out their website. Don't forget to join for a chance to get these fantastic items :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Featured Blogger: ShariGold

Happy 1st of September dearest bloggers! To start of the month, I'm introducing a new segment in my blog. Every week I'll be choosing a reader to be featured in my blog. There is no criteria for the blogger that I will choose, but what I'll be featuring most is personal styles of fashion bloggers. If you're not a fashion blogger, we can always work things out so you can still be featured.
Contact me

My very first featured blogger is Shari from mycurlsmyfashion. I chose her to be my first featured blogger because of her kindness when I just became a part of the blogging community. It was only a few weeks since I started blogging and yet she already asked me if I wanted to be featured in her blog. Because it was my first time, I agreed right away and was so excited. I just wanted to thank her for featuring me in her blog and for this great idea. She inspired me to feature bloggers so we can connect with each other in the blogging community and help spread each other's blogs too :)
Shari's Personal Style

"This is my night time look when I go out with friends or a nice little movie date. I always find that New York and Company has the best fitting clothing for women and very stylish."

What I'm wearing
Floral Jumpsuit- New York & Company
Statement Necklace- New York and Company  
Beaded headband New York and Company

Get To Know More About The Blogger

Hobbies and Interests:  I am a big reader, love reading and I love fashion magazines, VOGUE IS absolutely my favorite magazine but I love reading science fiction novels and thrillers. I picked up blogging and video blogging as a hobby. I enjoy them they keep my grounded and my mind off stressful things in my life.

"I love GOD, He is a major influence in my love and I love fashion, I enjoy keeping up with the latest trends and I love shopping."

Occupation: Working for God :-)

Reasons for blogging: I became a blogger because I have so much to share and so many ideas i wanted to share with others and people kept telling go out there and do it, so i did it and im glad. My blog is very versatile its about fashion, beauty, hair,and DIY.

More about her personal style: My personal style is comfortable and chic and I pretty much dress for the runways of NYC 

Make sure to check her amazing blog out! Plus she has a Twitter account which you can follow :)

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