Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Featured Blogger: Amelia Jin

Hey there lovely readers! I know that Saturday is featured blogger's day, but I was busy the whole weekend and I was only able to go online now. So I hope you don't mind me posting this late since I promised a fellow blogger that I'd feature her, and I don't go back on my word :) 

Today's featured blogger is Amelia from Can You Pass The Glitter. She's a fantastic girl with great style! i love how her looks range from casual/outgoing to simply elegant/sophisticated. No matter what she wears, you can still see that feminine touch and I love how she mixes prints and colors :) 

Amelia's Personal Style

Get To Know More About The Blogger

About Myself: I'm Amelia Jin and currently a 15-year-old unicorn-believer trying to survive high school. I love anything Pop, Eletro, or Dubstep and my dream career is to major in fashion or interior designing. I live in Los Angeles, with nice weather all year round. My closet right now is crammed and filled with clothes and some junk. One of my life's goal is to meet someone new everyday. I love being random and spontaneous because that always makes someone else's day.

Hobbies and Interests: Besides shopping for clothes, I'm interested in a lot of different and weird things! I love to cook pastries and desserts especially cupcakes. I also love to dance and act in musical plays.  I'm also an otaku, someone who's obsessed with manga and anime! I collect quarters and paper bags. For some reason, brown crispy paper bags are really appealing to me.

Reason for blogging: Ever since I was little, I have always been interested in fashion. Starting from elementary school, I would draw a whole bunch of fashion designs in hopes of becoming a fashion designer! Well, last year I finally had a revelation to start my own fashion blog, canyoupasstheglitter. When I first started the blog, it was mainly for me. However, now I really do want the world to see my style . I think that's one of the greatest qualities about fashion; it's that everyone's style is different and that's what defines them.

Behind the scenes: Well, "canyoupasstheglitter" originated from my fetish for glitter!!! I really do love all things sparkly! Besides being addicted to glitter, I just adore tea parties. So whenever you're at a tea party, you would usually say ,"Can you pass the ..." to get like a piece of cake or tea. Now, instead of asking for food, I'm asking for glitter. "Canyoupasstheglitter" is basically my fashion blog where I post outfits. I'm still considering about converting it into a life blog; however, my life isn't all that interesting!

Personal Style: I don't actually have a central style, mainly dressing depending on my mood. I tend to have some over-the-top outfits, while on some days I'm totally out of it and just wear a tee with some shorts. Most of the times, I build my outfits around a character. For example, I would always pretend I'm either a cutesy or ditzy girl whenever I wear frilly dresses.

Hope you'll check out her blog guys! I'm sure you'll be thrilled with her personal style too :)

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  1. Lovely pics :3 And believing in unicorns is good. I actually believe in dragons ^^

    xxx Lara
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  2. her outfits are so great!
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  4. Aw, she's so cute! I love her style. :D

  5. Fantastic feature! She's so cute. (:

  6. Wow nice! She does play around with different colors and styles. :)


  7. Nice outfits!

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  9. amazing looks <3

  10. stunning:)

  11. wow love the colors, especially the red dress!

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  13. Hello dear :) nice blog and cute outfit! now follow you with pleasure, if you will go with me to follow me;) I wish you a good weekend!

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