Thursday, July 19, 2012

Little Miss Sunshine.

My first post will be the first look I've ever posted on any social networking site. I've always loved this look because it's simple and it's the first picture I've taken of me which I uploaded on lookbook, instagram and chictopia.

I wore this outfit one Sunday afternoon as my family and I were about to go out to a mall to eat at our favorite restaurant which is called Cyma. It's a Greek restaurant and we just love it there. Since its a bright and sunny afternoon, I thought I was inspired to wear this delightful yellow ruffled skirt from Forever 21 ( I really love the style of this skirt and its vibrant color.

I paired this look with a simple round neck shirt from Jellybean (, a simple black sling bag which I bought from a department store in TriNoMa and red flats with a black bow detail from Janylin (

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